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Pokémon GO Spoofing


Best tool ever made for Pokémon GO if you want to have teleport in Pokémon GO.


Enjoy the game from your room. Use the joystick to move wherever you want without moving for real.


ANTI-BAN System latest generation. Over 141.000 accounts are using this method to play Pokémon GO from their home.

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The primary function that PokemonTP added to Pokemon Go gameplay is ability to fake GPS location, allowing player to roam the real world without actually visiting to the actual physical location. The ability to simulate location also allows player to ‘snipe’ a Pokemon.


From early May 2017, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has made changes to Pokemons catching mechanism that may render the sniping trick useless, and instantly resulting in softban (where all Pokemons flee on first throw), potentially permanent ban. Pokemon Go now appears to check the location when engaging Pokemon AND when Pokemon is caught, so returning to original home location during battle will result in softban.

The workaround is to teleport to the location and stay there until Pokemon is caught (DON’T return home). Of course, the downside is you must allow reasonable time to travel to that location (or at least 30 minutes 1 hour 2 hours of inactivity prior to teleporting as Pokemon Go seems to ‘forgive’ and not penalizing drastic change of location if certain duration elapsed between actions), and you cannot move on to another distant location without another significant downtime unless you’re sniping nearby Pokemon.


More Pokemons

Catch all rare pokemons

Sniping is essentially teleporting a player to another location in order to engage the Pokemon after it spawned, but return to original location once entering the catching screen before actually throwing any Poke Balls. The technique is very useful when a rare Pokemon such as Dragonite, Snorlax, Lapras, Chansey, Porygon, Muk, Vaporeon and Aerodactyl appears in a far away location which cannot be reached on time in reality.

Anti-Ban System

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Pokemon Go Spoof

Biggest players in the world use this spoof!

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    Wait for the Pokemon to spawn, which may take up to 5 minutes. While waiting, DO NOT engage in any other activities, such as spin PokeStop or engage Gym, as it may give away the fact that you’re teleporting to snipe location.

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    Capture Screen

    When the Pokemon spawns, tap on it to enter the capture screen. Before throwing a Poke Ball or feeding a Razz Berry, tap on the Return Home at the bottom of the screen (below the Poke Ball) to teleport back to home location. Then, proceed to catch the Pokemon.

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    Pokemon Cought

    Once the Pokemon is caught, you’re back to home location. You can now repeat the sniping process to capture another Pokemon.


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Yes it's 100% safe and free.

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For over 18 months.

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Yes it is.

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To put more fun into the game.

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